I have no idea where you are getting this belief from

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I have no idea where you are getting this belief from

Сообщение Megaomgchen » 12 июн 2020, 10:06

I have to agree. Archeology having content that is quest-locked makes sense. You're uncovering history. Quests construct lore. And of course pursuit requirements would've likely suppressed the alt accounts folks made just to collect mats plus they never would've needed to nerf the exceptional weapon bit drops that functioned only to OSRS gold twist over the common participant. Now that you have stated it I totally concur. Having a skill that entails quest locked content actually makes a lot of sense and would provide more motivation for individuals to do questing.

I have no idea where you are getting this belief from. Osborne has modulated the abolishment of quest requirements, reduced quest amounts to their all time cheapest whilst cutting the resources to make them and sits in on those meetings signing off on all these thoughts. All he does is says some empty words to encourage hype occasionally in between his different holidays on players money.

I am prepared for the down votes. In fact, I am a little surprised they've not come already. Each time I do highlight this to individuals though, a couple do respond like you do agreeing maybe the word is getting out there. I can understand why folks do not see through Osborne's persona. He's always speaking enthusiastically and trying to build up hype. After time though you begin to realise he is only repeating the same phrases without doing anything. Criticism is dismissed rather than reacted to, the hype is a shield from talking any failings and the positive tone makes people who criticise Osborne seem like they are being mean. It takes a while for people to pick up with this.

I'm pretty sure Kingdom Hearts characters stay deader than Zanik. After KH3, that is saying something. I gave up on this show. The mechanics were confusing as hell, and I wasn't even entirely certain who I had been fighting because of each of the clones, time traveling, whatever. 358/2 Days had a lackluster story but RuneScapeplay was fairly good. Re:Coded was awful. DDD was really the point at which the series' story imploded, for sure. I really don't blame you if there had been a huge stretch of the story left to cheap RuneScape gold go between KH3 and DDD then I'd have drifted too.

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