Getting a skill maxed at 99 must be the thing

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Getting a skill maxed at 99 must be the thing

Сообщение LisaAE » 01 июн 2020, 04:15

Do not get me wrong, I knew it would have a long time and I do not mind RuneScape gold, I'm not whining. I really don't want people to think I am some noob coming to RuneScape for the first time. I have another 29 days if you count back my first account in the day and 25 days in my right now. I know a whole lot about RuneScape, however I have never maxed a degree or gotten a skill above 75. Now, I'm putting in the time. I've spent 8 hours per day the previous three day's attempting to level my combat stats and I leveled fight up 3 times. That is, it took to go from 90-93 combat, and my aim is 100. I am sitting here considering the time its going to take, and it just made me think"wow. I respect the time people put in way more today."

Getting a skill maxed at 99 must be the thing. Anyhow I just wanted to marvel with lots of skills that were maxed. Wish me luck in my route to maxing, I've a very long way to go! I received some downvotes but I promise you I am not angry, I just got a new respect for people who have willpower and patience. The time is appropriate and that I wouldn't want them to alter it. I really like RuneScape and anticipate putting in the moment.

In the RuneScape documentary that they discuss the first 99's, essentially the founders never expected anyone to obtain their amounts that high, which is why when we take a look at some of the first content for RS it cuts off at the 60 range for most skills. But the old adage applies, where there is a will there's a way. When they knew people would be getting 200m xp in each ability, I bet they would have deleted RuneScape.

While it absolutely does not make a ground shattering difference immediately, you are likely to shave dozens if not hundreds of hours long duration by coaching skills at peak performance. Getting the best gear for your grinding and level in the most efficient enemy(s) combined with the best boosts and perhaps even prayer focus will raise your xp/hour. Dont get me wrong I dont have a 99 myself, I also believe the time required is nuts, but understanding theres a means to aid my grind helps.

I concur with this but just felt like making it more clear for OP: Make certain you aren't wasting your own time. At a minimum, maxing out your strength bonus, using a 4 tick weapon, and performing whatever max you can afford with potions/prayers (routine combat potions cost nothing and boost atk and strength in 1 slot) will pump up your gains. There are men on here with more knowledge than you, however, anyone may make a rookie error. Perhaps training Dscim rather than slash on stab. For what it's worth, I was like 99 battle once I restarted membership throughout quarantine 5 months ago.

I'm flat 108 today and except for a while pet searching it hasnt felt like a mill. Still, although to buy old school rs gold I focused cash and slayer making through battle. I push harder all the time. I feel like a mug today if im not on piety and a divine super fight and havent wiki'd the enemy to determine which attack style is best. I'd recommend you post your stats and equipment and we could maybe all attempt to help. I also know all the great (and less known) money making combat places for mid levels from when I was stuck like you and got from it, PM me.

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