There's a special event happening and extra courts

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There's a special event happening and extra courts

Сообщение Bugatti4R » 19 май 2020, 11:32

I wish they only had an open reception that revealed players and what NBA MT Coins teams they would like to use and you can pick them if you want to play them. Plus you spend more time clicking through menus in the one (their version of my profession ) than playing basketball. The sports genre is really a shame.

It's just so laggy on the internet, and one of the main reasons is because it is making you"watch" other games in the exact same time as you are trying to play your own. In the primary playground, there could be as many as 7 other games happening as you're attempting to play yours - that's a shit ton of information that needs to be passed from the server to you and it's entirely unnecessary. Like think about it, if there are six 3v3 games and two 2v2 matches all going at once, that's 43 OTHER player inputs that it is collecting and getting all at one time.

That is not even taking into consideration if there's a special event happening and extra courts (like there were two 4v4 courts a few days ago). Oh, AND they also need to (for some reason) show you all of the men and women who are only running around, doing emotes, loading in and outside of buildings, some even playing golf and random things like that, etc. - so that's even MORE data being passed. Why??

I get that they are trying to choose the"experience" of being in a genuine park and playing"real" pickup games, and trying to make it look as vibrant as possible. However, why can't they simply show you when you're one of those folks? It must block outside of that stuff As soon as you get into a game and the ONE courtroom is loaded by ONLY you're on with. It'd be so much faster if it only had to load 5 other players besides yourself or anything. And then you go into the Rec why do I must see THREE 5v5 games happening while I'm trying to play with my own and it is the exact same thing? You are making it load 40 players at the same time instead of 10. So unnecessary.

So this! Oh man the lag due to this is just insane. You attempt proceed on D and to Buy NBA 2K20 MT Coins to respond before you move an inch it feels just like soooo long. You have to guess beforehand the majority of the time, therefore infurriating. Basketball is a game of reactions and its BS. I want the park wouldn't be quite as arcadey in comparison to just playing mycareer games. This along with the endless loading screens and scenes you need to jump through for to real gameplan is only... aaah I just need to shout.

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