I think it should be available now to download and try

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I think it should be available now to download and try

Сообщение Gamerzone » 01 июл 2019, 06:48

Skyrim and World of Warcraft are some of the most popular RPG games of all time. It makes sense that someone is mad enough to try and connect WoW Classic Gold. This is exactly what moded 'Fled1' does with 'Azeroth in Skyrim - an unofficial extension of Warcraft', the ongoing modem to recreate the Completeness of Azeroth in Skyrim.

Originally, Azeroth in Skyrim was a modem created in 2012 by two modelers known as Hellscreamy and Celsiuz, but after a few years they gave up the project. It seemed that the dream was dead until yesterday, when Fled1 released a new mod update, which contains a lot of improvements, such as the addition of Westfall and Scholomance. 'I came to the stage where I think it is a pretty important update from the previous version 0.1 and I think it should be available now to download and try,' writes Fled1.

The work speaks for itself. Although it is still far from Warcraft's aesthetics, I only looked at this screenshot to instantly recognize the golden fields of Westfall. In fact, it will take many years for Fled to create a rough approximation of Azeroth, this is a huge amount of territory to build, but I really like that they are continuing to work on a project that would otherwise be dead.

If you want to see the older version of Azeroth in Skyrim in action, watch a YouTube video of someone running around Stormwind or if you fancy an adventure, visit the Nexus Mods page. Skyrim in Azeroth and try Buy Gold in WoW Classic.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of another World of Warcraft update for the overall health of this 14-year-old MMO game. Since the battle of Azeroth last summer, eight months ago, his struggle between the Alliance and the Horde has been overshadowed by the much more discouraging battle between players and Blizzard. Regardless of whether it was a lack of communication or basic problems with basic functions, it was crazy and the players were very angry.

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