What is the advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual

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What is the advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual

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adult toys for couples

п»їWhy do men fear marriage?
You've been together for several years, it's great for you and everyone says you're the perfect couple. However, despite the fact that you have already spent time going to live together, he does not decide to ask you to marry him and the times that you have thought about him have given you a long time. Why this irrational fear of marriage? We tell you all the keys.

If you want to take the big step with your boy but he resists going through the altar, possibly experiencing this classic fear of marriage so common in some men. Do you think it's an irrational fear? Do you want to discover what reasons can be hidden behind him to know how to act? We reveal the most common causes that provoke the fear of marriage so that you know what you are facing.
Crazy Stupid Love
A past with weight
In order to fully experience their love relationship, the situation of the parents is important when it comes to committing oneself. Are they still married? Are they still living together? These questions can influence a man's choice.
The number of children with divorced parents who still believe in marriage is minimal. Some, fortunately, still think that marriage is something possible and lasting, but often, and as they get older, men opt for the opposite reaction.
Parental separation or divorce is sad for the whole family. Many men are traumatized and doubt the advantages of marital commitment. That is why, since they think that marriage is doomed to failure, they do not commit themselves to avoid a rupture that could be painful. The fear of reproducing the family model occupies an important place in the decision not to commit.
The importance of marriage For him, very often, getting married means first of all considering the option of divorce and opting for comments like: "Why get married if we are happy as we are?" Even if you are the person chosen, the fear of being exposed The possibility of going through a divorce or suffering terrifies them so much that any desire to marry disappears.
For others, getting married means changing their vision of the couple, the nefarious impression of condemning themselves to the routine. Over time, the feelings change, the passion, the small flame of the principle goes out and then the only way out is the separation.
And for others, the importance of the symbols is so great that they prefer to flee.
Fear of a new failure Some men who have previously experienced a painful disappointment with a painful break do not want to build anything again for fear of reviving something similar. At the time they were willing to commit, so now they do not want to rethink or a new commitment, not even have children, or a home. They have the tenacious feeling that they can be wrong again, they no longer trust their judgment. And nobody could make them change their mind.
If your partner resists, and doubts about marriage and does not want to take the step, invest time in dialogue with him to avoid being locked into a meaningless speech.
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