Were there sexual assualt accustations against trump prior to election

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Were there sexual assualt accustations against trump prior to election

Сообщение Antholrooli » 16 ноя 2018, 18:11


sex store near me

п»ї5 ways to practice tantric sex to achieve incredible orgasms
We have always heard many rumors about tantric sex: relationships that last until hours, sexual massages that control our mind and, of course, incredible orgasms that we reach through meditation techniques. Despite everything that is said, it is often inevitable to ask ... Is it true that all this is achieved with tantric sex? Only 5 tips separate you from the greatest pleasure in the universe.

If you are one of those who sound awake with a better sex:
more durable,
more pleasant,
... perhaps tantric sex techniques are the way to fulfill your sexual expectations. And is that we were still focusing a lot on completing the marathon of 100 positions of the kamasutra and that was not the key to pleasure ...

The secret of tantric sex lies in a series of techniques to prolong sexual ecstasy and improve levels of satisfaction. But let's go to the practical part: the focus is not on you. Tantra believes that to reach the climax of sexual arousal in a natural way, the center must be the inside of your sexual desires. Do you want to try it? We teach you the best positions to do it!
1. Maintain eye contact with your partner, do not be embarrassed! Looking at each other while you are in bed can lead you to the most intense sexual experiences. One of the quickest ways to increase your sexual pleasure is to look your partner in the eye. Try to decipher what you feel, capturing every detail that makes it special.
It is likely that you laugh at the beginning, but, quiet, little by little you will get used to it. You will concentrate on your thoughts and you will feel like fish in the water in this new and satisfying experience. You can include this exchange of glances in your preliminaries.
However, we recommend doing it at the time you reach orgasm. In addition to sensual, it will be magical! Try to give a little more intensity to that moment with some of these romantic songs to make love ...
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В© Revolutionary Road
2. Feel every pore of your skin One of the most important points of Tantra is to explore the sensuality of your partner through play and caresses on your bodies. Tantric sex focuses on feeling the other person's touch. It can be the key to reaching orgasm. That is, you must be totally focused on what you are doing so that results. Try not to think about other things that are not here and now with your partner.
The best advice for tantric sex is to focus on knowing what you want from your partner and how you are going to achieve it. Therefore, you must be aware of the areas of the body in which you are touching your boy. Above all, you have to be clear about what your intention is. Whisper one of these phrases or whatever comes to mind. Surely it helps you connect a lot more.
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В© P.D. I love you
3. Be aware of your feelings Tantra not only improves the physical part of your relationships. It is a boost to the emotional and sensory experience which means that you must:
? It is very important that you and your partner explore the sensations that you are creating in the body of the other and the natural way in which your senses react. It is necessary to create for it a relaxed, intimate atmosphere and reach a sexual experience at another level. For example, you can bandage your eyes and open a wide range of possibilities to stimulate the rest of your senses.
You can also:
play with body oils with smells, remember that cinnamon or vanilla are aphrodisiacs,
put music in the background
introduce some food (chocolate, cream, strawberries ...) to enhance the experience.
Here are a few recommendations ...

4. Experience an orgasm with your whole body? An orgasm with your whole body? It sounds strange but there is a way to get all parts of your body excited. One of the ways to achieve this type of orgasm is to practice to build an erotic energy that keeps you close to the climax and let it fade away little by little.
But not everything stays there: you must play to achieve several times that energy close to orgasm and use your breath and the power of your impulses to spread all the energy through your body. You can play with this tension for as long as you want. It's a kind of challenge to see how much you can stand.
You can keep your partner at that point close to orgasm. For example, with your words, but never let it come completely to him. When you finally reach orgasm, you will feel strong and pleasant contractions in different parts of your body.
5. And ... Enjoy the trip! Tantric sex is a means to reach orgasm in the best possible way. In fact, the entire process requires you to concentrate on the journey and stop thinking at the end of the road to achieve a higher level of satisfaction in your relationship. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on the final result, on reaching orgasm. Often, we neglect the fun and pleasure that the way we get to it.
If you are continually pursuing the possibility of reaching the climax, your boy and you will end up bored of doing the same things as always. Leave the orgasm a little aside and think that other parts of sex can have fun.
The key to achieving this is to remember yourself:
why do you like to have sex
what do you expect from him?
Focus on it and experiment with something that makes you enjoy: the intimacy between the two, oral sex or kissing can be a perfect field of exploration. So, try new things. The rest will come naturally. For example, if you can not enjoy tantric sex 100%, start innovating with your partner in another way, maybe with these great positions to practice sex all over the house.
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В© Noa's diary
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