Only on OSRS is hour filler material

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Only on OSRS is hour filler material

Сообщение wfuuopy » 03 сен 2020, 05:10

Only something interesting to RuneScape gold the battle stats mill, but I dig it. I was so nervous watching this. I was together with my nose onto my display that last step god that dopamine hit at the conclusion was real. Going from the grain but this is the first video I actually felt uncomfortable watching. 37 long days to something out that had effectively zero goal. Two months of Temple Trekking for a whip? Meaningful, although absurd. This? Ok. I expect settled is actually okay. That's why I gave 3 other actual productive reasons for doing this.

OR something I stated I'd finish over a year ago; proceed for an incredibly difficult accomplishment. Gather the kwuarms and ruby bolt hints Iget, and'll need higher melee stats to make my TOB more easy. All about perspective I assume, when you look at it hoping to get a clue casket yeah it'll seem pretty pointless. But it was a target along with productivity.

The disclaimer which you put in the start that this wouldn't be healthy was good to hear. I was basically thinking"let this man sleep" to the entire episode. You've talked in the past about staying healthy and active during your grinds and I am grateful you reinforced the stage. The editing was much less stressful than the mill was. Be great to yourself. I do urge healthiness in grinding. Even this was not too bad as people think, only 5 of the 37 days ever went past 9hrs of playtime.

It was a excellent vid. Kept me. Place grind into perspective lmao. Right? Honestly one in a while that is looooooong. Even though it was ultimately worthless, Settled assembled the video in such a compelling way that my expectation when he was performing the pair of clues was insane.

A bit literally teared up. Jesus christ, I can't believe I just admitted online a Runescape movie made me cry but yeah, that happened. Yeah, it'd have any helpful gains, you are right. I forgot about your disclaimer also, thanks to emphasizing that. I guess I just got caught up in 37 days for elegant trousers I just kind of forgot about everything else that you stated did. I'm also just now seeing your remark about rs3 gold not going beyond 9 hours without a second clue, my mental image was much worse when I left that remark.

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